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Anyone in need of their windscreen fitting?

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Hi all,


Headlining retrimmed, electrics (nearly!) finished and dash refitted I finally got round to having the windscreen on my S2 Eclat Riviera fitted last weekend.  I had been all geared up to do it myself but was persuaded by my better half (who'd helped me with the headlining and probably didn't want it ruined!) to have a look around the back of the internet for a professional to do it for me.  So I did.  And having discounted all the generic Autoglass-type companies I came across a guy called Tye from Mobile Glass Replacement who came and removed the old one - several weeks before, allowing me to refit the interior with ease - and then fit the new one.


And he's done a fantastic job.  Including spending a good while twisting and straightening the top and bottom finishing strips so they now fit (almost) as good as new.  And the price was VERY reasonable!






So good was his work in fact that I promised I'd give him a mention on the forums.  I can finally see the project coming to an end - and taking the Riviera for his nail-biting MOT!  So...if anyone in the North London/Essex area needs a screen fitting please PM me and I'll send you Tye's number.


Now, to work out why the rear interior lights won't turn off and keep flattening the battery...






Regular restorer. Rather less reliable forum poster!

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I paid, or my insurer did, around £1200 for a windscreen replacement many years ago. It was done at the Lotus factory and included some new trim. They said fitting was a specialist job and entailed fitting a brace while the new screen was bonded in. Even then, the 1st one cracked immediately and they had to do it all again.


My rear interior light has a 3-position switch: OFF, Always ON, ON when doors open. The middle light is the same (S1 Elite).

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Patience! And a large flat-head screwdriver. I'd got the trims off myself when I was still planning to fit the screen. Just a question of working my way along the trim until I came to the next clip and then gently levering it off. It wasn't perfect by any means but now it's been refitted there are only a couple of bumps that anyone would notice.

Regular restorer. Rather less reliable forum poster!

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