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Dash Graphics

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Hi All,


Does anyone know where I might obtain the dash graphics for a Federal (or Home Market) S2 ?  The dash lettering and assorted graphics on my S2 are OK but the underlying paint on the dash panels is not too good and will require a re-paint.  Obviously, I'll have to remove (and ruin) the existing graphics to get at the underlying panels to repaint.  I've seen some vendors selling replacement panels (partials) but never just the lettering.  Anyone ever had to go through this before ?


Many thanks,

Lou R 

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Hey Lou,

You are talking about the dash panel with heater and brightness control on the right hand side? I have the same problem and was wondering about a fix aswell. Where did you see the replacement panels that you were writing about?

The original lettering seems to be screen printed on, which might be expensive to reproduce in the exact same way.. Another option could be to get vinyl stencils made and spray paint the graphics on.

If its any help I could offer you to rebuild the graphics in illustrator (would need a scan of the panel though!) 

I am curious which way you will go, let me know if you have found a solution!


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Hi Moritz,

Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I was referring to the right side panel with heater and panel light rheostat controls.  I've never seen a replacement panel for an S2 but I know that RD Enterprises has them for a Turbo.  Unfortunately, they are completely different than the S2.  I know there is an Ebay vendor that re-creates them (for Turbos and S3's) - maybe you can find him and ask if he'll do one for an S2.  I also considered using stencils and decals but I don't suspect they would come out as nice as I would like.  I've since located a source here in the US (actually a friend of my wife) who is knowledgeable about graphic art and who was confident she could re-create the graphics as I have on my S2.  I'm currently finalizing details with her and hope to send her my panel so she can apply the new graphics.  I just sent her a sample of a painted piece of steel so she can ensure there are no problems with the new graphics sticking to the paint I plan to use.  Once she confirms it's OK, I'll strip my panel, re-paint it and send it to her to apply new graphics.  I can certainly send you a photo when I get it back so you can judge for yourself if it looks good enough.  I'm sure my wife's friend would be willing to help out others.  I'll ask her how much she would charge others for this same work - no doubt it will be much cheaper than prices I received from graphic arts companies (over $200).  It'll be awhile before the process is complete so please be patient.

Thanks again,

Lou R

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Hi guys,


I'm sure they are just stickers. I replaced mine after doing the same panel refurb you're describing. I bought the stickers from a Lotus dealer many years ago. Annoyingly I did a pretty poor job of sticking them on straight.



Pete '79 S2

LEW Miss September 2009

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