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LF1 Availability


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Hi Guys


New to the forum so don't shoot me down before I have started please.


I have just come out of a 2009 M3 which is a second car and I'm looking at a replacement. The Exige looks the way forward as it will be used as a weekend blaster and trackdays.


I have looked into the LF1 I quite like the spec. and do like limited editions in general. I'm amazed that these haven't all been snapped up. Am I missing something here? Spoke to a dealer today and they have 3 available. I know this maybe a stupid question but not knowing as never been a Lotus owner before but are there any discounts on Exige before I wonder into a dealer trying to get the impossible and look an idiot.


All advise welcome and thanks in advance.

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Hi and welcome. Dealers have margins in the LF1, same with any Lotus they sell. They're more than likely confident that all the LF1's will be sold (I believe 75% are sold) so it might be a struggle getting any money off but there's no harm in asking. That said, you will benefit from a 3 year warranty and 3 years' free servicing on one, it's not all bad and residuals are very strong on the Exige. :)

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Personally, my view is negotiate hard on a v6s and with the extra savings buy a set of nitrons, harnesses and job done!

There are deals to be done on new cars even on the 50/50 finance deal you just have it time it right for end of quarter or sales year and find the right dealer needing a few extra sales ;)


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I was going to buy a Black Edition, and decided against it due to only getting 1 year warranty as opposed to 3 years with the LF1. The Black Edition is not fitted with an alarm either (insurance).

I had a factory tour last week to see the LF1 and saw the Black Edition next to the LF1 and was really glad that I had chosen the LF1. I just missed out on buying a Scura 4 years ago and must admit that looked much better than the Black Edition, I think it's because the matte black suits a smaller car better.

My advice would be to look at both cars together before making your mind up, I would have been gutted if I had chosen the other way round.

But if it was a track only car things might have been different.

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A V6S may be available with a bit of discount but probably not much off and certainly less if it's a good spec car. I wouldn't expect much off a Cup, Anniversay or LF1 due to availability, or more to the point the lack of. Don't expect discount off a car and then the same car to hold its S/S value.


I'll get around to it at some point.

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Not sure why you'd choose a Black Edition over a normal Cup. It's more money and just a paint job.


Limited edition Lotuses historically seem to hold their value better, so the LF1 will do well on that score I think, but not as well as a Cup car in my opinion. If it's a weekend car and track toy you're after, I'd seriously look at Cup cars.

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Welcome to TLF hayzi. :welcome:


You should duck over to the Introductions section and say hi in there as well. :)

All we know is that when they stop making this, we will be properly, properly sad.Jeremy Clarkson on the Esprit.

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Thanks for all the info. guys, looked at the black edition and I would choose a cup over it if I went down that path.


I'm trying to organise a test drive as I haven't driven the Exige yet but i'm sure the grin factor will be huge

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