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Sheared manifold stud

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Of course, below the level of the mating face.

Before I try drilling to remove the stud. With an extractor, is there any danger of swarf getting where it shouldn't?

Two of the other stud holes are about twice the depth of all the others (40 vs 18mm). Should they be blind holes? Is there a void behind the stud holes?

The two deeper holes are bottom right of #4 and bottom left of #3 is that's of any relevance

Thanks in advance


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I have never had much success with extractors be aware if it snaps off in the head nasty.

If you are going to drill it out good luck you may have to remove the head and have it spark eroded good luck you will need it

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Thanks Andy,

Asked Gary Kemp when I picked up some bits from him, and apparently the water jacket sits behind the studs.

I've canned the idea of an extractor for the reason you indicate, so looks like I may have to turn some threaded plugs to fit into over-bored holes.

Working on a jig design at present, and will post results if successful ( ie, I manage it without removing the head)... I sure I'm not the only one this has happened to, and won't be the last.

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