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Steve LF1

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Hi guys,


Collect another pride and joy on Wednesday and cant wait! My LF1!


Im wondering if adding a full system exhaust will void my warranty?


I've ordered a full Larini system with manifolds and cats etc.


Ideally the car should have the map tweaked for AFR but being a very light forced induction should be ok, as im sure a remap would definately void my warranty.


Any help and advice would be much appreciated.



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If you change parts of the engine you'll more than likely invalidate the warranty on that component eg should the engine go pop it's on you. You'll find that the rest of the car is still covered, eg if a window stops working they'll honour that and I'd imagine if something like the alternator went, that too would be covered since it wouldn't be affected by a change of exhaust and remap.


To be fair, the warranty covers the car as it comes out of the factory and they can't cover parts once you've changed them from their spec. 

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Komo tec do the rentals for a full exhaust and manifolds. They send you the obd cable and the software. You can take off and on. Ideal. 390hp and retain warranty :-)

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