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Paint Finish?

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Hi guys,


A little advice needed. Went to see my LF1 when it got delivered.


The paint finish is not great. There 3 big ripples down the side.


They tell me this is normal with fibreglass. Is it? Never owned a lotus, always porches so not sure if this is the norm?



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3 lines in the bodywork. Flaws in the bodywork not really the pain I suppose. Looks like it's not been skimmed over with filler before paint.

If I had saw this on a second hand car I would think it had been crashed, badly repaired and painted.

It's not so much the paint as the bodywork. Will take some pics when I collect. You only see it in sunlight.

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I think i will. And the other lf1 that was next to mine was the same but not as bad.


What happens if i reject as i really dont want a local bodyshop spraying sides of cars etc?

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Wouldn't except it! I am not a paint expert but did work in the motor trade for 6 years and the finish should be just like a normal car. Look at any other fibre glass car in the showroom and the finish should be good. In reality you don't expect it to be as good as a German car but you are still spending good money and should expect a good finish. I wouldn't worry about it being repainted tho as a good paint shop would paint it so you wouldn't know its been done.

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If my V6 Cup is anything to go by I would say your car is not correct. My car has a stunning finish all over so I can only conclude Lotus are capable of high quality work in this area. If it was me I be having firm words with the supplying dealer after all they shouldn't have cleared the car through their PDI inspection process.

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As a quality engineer PDI should have picked all the issues up and recorded them on the build sheet before it left the factory, even the dealer should have PDI it before dispatch to its new owner,

If your not happy take it back to dealer highlight all the issues you have , Take photos off all the issues .

Should be sorted ASAP as Quality is one of the main points that has been improved at Lotus Factory.

Eddie .

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My off side rear wing has paint imperfections.

Was a bit childish and over excited when I bought the car from a main dealer and didn't notice them until somebody pointed them out to me months later...

Annoying, if you've noticed them before delivery I too would reject and have it sorted. It's not great for the Lotus brand and the LF1 is a halo car that needs to be perfect!

Another way of looking at it is the rest of the car is perfect so why is that bit not!!

Nice choice of car, I'm v envious!!


A ;-)

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