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Track Days

Steve LF1

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TLF doesn't currently organise track days but many members are track day regulars and quite a few meet up. Loads of companies and tracks to choose from, each with their own differences. I might be able to help give you an overview of the merits of each company but very roughly RMA and Goldtrack are probably better suited to more experienced drivers.


If you're new to track days you could try a novice day and get some tuition or do the Lotus Driving Academy day before you take your own car. I'd recommend doing that first.


Wherever you go, it'll be great fun in an Exige. They are like ducks to water on track.

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Thanks guys,


I've got a lot of track experience and have raced in the past. Raced karts at a younger age and currently run my 750hp GT2 porky at the Nurburgring a few times a year. I sold my 650hp Honda S2000 race car for my LF1. The LF1 is booked for our first ring trip of next year also.


Anyone who has not been to the Ring, I highly recommend it. Do it 3 times a year in cars and on my bikes. Amazing!


Was just looking to see if any Lotus specific track nights as I think will be a lot more fun!



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We are planning something for next year at spa and the 'ring after a great trip there a few weeks ago but very early days yet.

If you are a trackday fiend you may find LOT days a bit too regulated, it's strictly overtake on the left and on the straights sort of stuff.

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We are going to do the 'ring/Spa back to back with Circuit Days again, it was early April this year, I have been told it is around the same time next year, but not on their website yet.

Lotus Register - https://www.lotusregister.com

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Big thread drift.

I can thoroughly recommend the Lotus Driving Academy. I am a complete novice and did a day one2one in the Exige. My wife doesn't read these posts so I can say without fear of physical harm, it was probably the best day of my life (and I am an incredibly lucky man and have enjoyed some great days!) Again, my wife wont read this, but it is as much fun as you have with your clothes on.

Being a bad student, I am not sure I learnt much, except I can add something else to the list of things i''m shoite at and of course I learnt we all own an aaamazing car. A full-on 9-5 day, not one single mechanical issue, no brake fade, no allowances made for the car at all. I was knackered, the car was ready for more.

Jay Barber was the instructor, a patient and fearless instructor. However, behind the wheel of an Exige on its home track, he's nothing short of a magician. In his hands, the car is a different beast. Gents, we have all bought a pretty awesome machine, the potential is there, the challenge is to exploit it. It's stupid money to do a days one2one, but it's cheaper than most of the options on the car.

Was it worth it? I did it 9 days ago and I am still grinning like a w@nking chimp.

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