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1974 - a great year!

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As well as the Lotus Elite M50's launch, there are lots of other memorable and significant events that happened in '74. Here are a few:


First MacDonald’s store opens in UK



The Kiss

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest


Health & Safety at Work Act

Opening of Disney World Orlando

Dungeons & Dragons

Porsche 911 Turbo

Rubik’s Cube

General Pinochet’s coup in Chile


The Who – Quadrophenia

Young Frankenstein

Honda Goldwing

Death of Jim Morrison (The Doors)

The Bar Code

Tubular Bells – Mike Oldfield

Labour wins General Election

Final episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus


I think the Austin Allegro was also born that year - a car for which I have a strange fondness (the estate has a similar window line to the Elite!). Anyone got any other memorable events from '74?


There are still plenty of Elite stickers available, and I believe still some spaces for Elites at the NEC in November (for which you'll need to visit lotusexcel,net). PM me if you want a sticker for your Elite.


All the best, Richard





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3 day working week

Happy Days aired for the first time in the US

IRA started bombing the mainland

Tom Baker became the 5th Doctor Who

The World Trade Centre opened in NY

West Germany won the World Cup

Eddie Merckx wins 5th Tour de France

SR-71 Blackbird set the record for fastest flight between New York and London in 1Hr 54m 56.4s

Muhammad Ali KO'd George Foreman in Zaire (the rumble in the jungle)

Lord Lucan disappeared

James Bond - The Man with the Golden Gun released

The Beatles were legally disbanded


Was really quite a bleak year in the UK


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It's getting there......

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Out of all the above all I can remember is being really disappointed that John Pertwee was being replaced with Tom Baker! I could recall going to see The Man With The Golden Gun as a double feature with Live and Let Die, but turns out that was 1975!

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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