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Fuses way different from the service manual

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Just been doing a bit of electrics work on my Eclat and noticed the fuses that were in my engine bay are way different from what the service manual states they should be.  They looked like this picture below:



To reiterate, that's 8A, 8A, 8A, 25A, 16A, 16A, 16A.


I rearranged the fuses to look like the service manual states, as you can see below:



Andthat's 16A, 8A, 8A, 25A, 25A, 16A, 16A.


But then the fuse cover looks like this:



Is how I've got my fuses set now (as in the 2nd picture) how things should be, or should I go back to that first picture layout?

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That fuse cover might be off a different car, mine is black and is as per your 16A, 8A, 8A, 25A, 25A, 16A, 16A. is what I have, I'll double check tonight.

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