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Poor old S2.2 couldn't leave it there..

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The black Esprit is a S2 not a S2.2 but it is still there, its pretty past it, I had its good original front bumper off it for on my car (I could take the parts of it, was part of my deal) there is no interior at all,chassis very rusty, many parts are missing, you would have to be very brave (and rich) to take it on.

The more the merrier :yes:

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Wow, how many hours are in one of your days? Or are yours double days like ACBC; "today, tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night.." So many projects and yet none are skimped :unworthy:


Sure the end result will be lovely, although have to say I like the original colour (red or copper?). It looks to have been cared for at some point, posh Blaupunkt stereo and all, and looks a bit familiar?

In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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Matt, as always your dedication to the cause is awesome! Was going to ask the same question about the Éclat!

Possibly save your life. Check out this website. https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/mens-cancer



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Thanks Matt! I only own a Europa S2 because I was inspired by your Europa twin cams chassis change at home



Recently I have been considering an s3 esprit local to me that has a seized engine. Its white and reminded me of

your S1 resto in the classic cars magazine -  I was just thinking about it, logged into Lotus Forums and here you are again

inspiring me! I'm easily led...

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Great work Matt! Glad she's turning out to be a good base.


Wish I had the ability to get as much done as you seem to be able to in such a short space of time. I'm sure you've got it covered but let me know if there's anything else I can help with.



Pete '79 S2

LEW Miss September 2009

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Just came across this thread... happy to see another one rescued.  


And too bad that place is not here in the USA... I could use that rear hatch from that black car... and the side rear qtr windows, and... lol...

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want to see some more pictures!! Great topic!

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Why is there a picture of  an early S1 In a S2.2 restoration I hear you ask  !


Well my plan to have the car finished by Easter has gone by the way of the fairies,  I agreed to finished the restoration of a early S1 Esprit for a friend  and this has took a lot of my time already and I think it will take me up to May to have the car finished if I don't find more major work.


Any way back to my cars progress....


A bit of a worry was the cars VDO clock It was dead, so I took it to bits, I'm an electronics geek and as I'm getting on a bit, most of the components are of my era, so with a bit of soldering and some components we had on the shelf at work I repaired my clock phew...




I rebuilt the heater as it was a job I could do indoors on the many cold winter nights of late, I brazed the brass heater matrix  tanks back to like new and put it back with remade seals (sorry I dont have a finished picture I put it all back together before I had remembered ...)



I seem to have got quite used to working on things in the house and they when my wife suggested I bring in my newly  painted chassis and work on it by the open fire, I realized I had married a good  woman.





Yes to those eagle eyed, they are Elan seats underneath it, My wife is timing them for my S3



I have made up and fitted the bake pipes, fuel lines and clutch pipe, I'm going to fit the sound deadening material on the back bone this weekend and do the rear hubs if I have time


The engine is half done below the thrust mod just been done






The head is next to be fitted,I had it aqua blasted new guides fitted and skimmed, I had to fit  inserts to some of the Exhaust stud threads, so just the core plugs to be fitted and an oil restrictor (I always fit one in the main oil way in the head)





I would love to show you pictures of the body shell finished but it isnt, However its getting there all the fiber glass work is done just some more sanding and it should be in primer soon.






I have lent a friend my air compressor so I can't  blast and paint any more parts to go on my chassis, so I may have to take parts somewhere, I just always worry about parts being lost  :(


Its hard putting your own cars restoration on the back burner and work on a friends car but I am enjoying working on such a nice S1 again !


Will try and keep you updated more ....



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The more the merrier :yes:

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