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ARG! What? Who? Why?


What is that horrendous wing doing on it?

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I love how the wing is wider than the car roof - because making it fit would have been too hard.


Adrian Newey would have a fit!!!!


Maybe it could be removed or at least narrowed to be in line with the body. If it's meant to be funny it's not big enough. If it is for real I don't think it spent.... errrrm..... enough time in the wind tunnel :w00t:

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Hi All,

Don't be too horrible about my lovely new, and first, lotus. Yes I have bought this car,unseen (yes yes I know, never ever buy without seeing) and now have it home in Sussex.

I managed to get a large reduction due to "some minor gearbox issues". So that's my winter sorted removing engine, diagnosing gearbox problem etc etc.

good news though ! First thing I did was remove the wing !!!!! Sadly 4 small holes for bolts but she looks much better now :0).

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what are the symptoms?


NB send me an email at elite-eclat-register@hotmail.com and I'll send you a registration form. It'll be good to have a roadworthy S1 elite in the area



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Well done for taking it on. Having brought mine unseen and never driven one - ever - that's about as much as I can say but a least you've rescued an elite from some very poor body modifications! I have a 4 speed box if you need one BTW!

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Bit late for an update but had the engine and gearbox out, mainly thanks to a good friend who is an ace mechanic. Gearbox shot due to a collapsed bearing. Tried to get spare parts but ended up getting a whole second hand box from lotus bits (the last one apparently?) it looked in very good condition, checked it over , popped it all back together and now seems to be driving fine. Carried out engine service etc whilst it was out and discovered timing belt was 1 tooth out? Good job we fitted a new belt! As I say all seems good now and I hope to get some fun in if the sun shines :0)

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Guest saraphee

Congratulations - looks as though you had time on your side when you snapped up the last gearbox in the shop.

I hope everything/anything else you find with the car goes as well for you.

What about a pic without the wing please?

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