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Another Exhaust Manifold Option

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Hi Guys


As some of you will know, I had a company make up a manifold for my Esprit GT3. I figured it's time to write a bit about it now that I've put a few miles through it.


I wanted something a bit better than the standard manifold but the only other readily available option was a bit expensive for me at this time and would have required fitting myself (Not something I wanted to tackle on a gravel driveway). I feel the option I've chosen to be a good mid-point in terms of cost and performance as well as the bonus of it being fully fitted with a lifetime warranty.


It's a mild steel manifold and the cost was £900 +vat (Including gaskets) made and fitted. I then had it sent away to Zircotec for ceramic coating. It was made by Fast Road Conversions in Kent. They had flawless service and would definitely recommend them to anyone.


This manifold boosts much earlier than the original and is much more progressive also.






I'm glad I went with this option as there were some damaged threads in the head. They cleaned them up but unfortunately the car began to leak again shortly after. I took it back and they took the whole thing to bits again, drilled out the threads and tapped to M10 plus sorted new gaskets again at no cost to me.


Would absolutely recommend this option to anyone. They have a jig for the manifold.


I'm not going to go into any discussion about material choice. There are two distinct camps about it and ultimately this is covered by a lifetime warranty, which as I've seen, includes labour.

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Good for you cam, did consider this option but could not find the experts to build it. Again as with other manifolds it will be good to see how it performs over time. The interesting point for me is the performance change it makes. Are you going to do a dyno, and did you do one before replacing the manifold.

Another question which is probably one which should ask is this - the old manifolds tend not to break catastrophically, they start to crack over a long period and for a while the damage is not seen, so, performance falls off slowly, not really noticed until yet he new one is fitted, then it's a dramatic improvement. But what about a new cast lotus replacement, would that too give a real feel of more power and better response.

Be interesting to know from those who have replace with oem not an alternative.


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Hi Dave


No dyno runs sorry so I can't compare to a new-standard manifold. I can only say it's much better than the one on there before. These guys have done an Esprit manifold prior, so they already had a jig for it.


Buddsy. The turbo is supported by the manifold, nothing external. I specifically asked about this before they built it. Without going into the material discussion. They told me that the thick wall mild steel would be up to the job but if there were any issues down the line, their lifetime warranty would mean they sort it at no cost. The ceramic coating should also help protect against splashing. Having built one before, I'd imagine if the other had issues that they'd take it into account as it's not in their interest to have my car clogging up their workshop unnecessarily.


As for future dyno runs. I'm investigating Megasquirt rather than chipping, so it will have a bespoke dyno mapping if that happens.

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Would anyone consider fitting a used but almost new original cast iron manifold for less then £500 or is really a waste of time and money?

Im planning on buying one of trevs alunox ones of he still has them in the new year but 1400 plus fitting is a huge amount to hide from the mrs, plus when she sees it she has to believe it was £200 ha ha

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I just bought one that looks to be the south west lotus cast manifold slightly used but looks new for half the new price.

I wont get my garage finished till december, then ill bring my car home and inspect for cracks, it sounded rough last time i drove it and has all the signs of it needing a manifold, ill start picking up all the nuts, gaskets etc then decide wheather to have it fitted or give it a go.

If i get some good results at work over christmas ill see about the alunox option then, for now ive got my self a standard spare one either way.

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:popo:  Cam, I see you didn't wear white cotton gloves when fitting the manifold. The coating's gotten dirty before its time :cry:


I didn't do the install. I'm not too fussed, I figured it would get dirty. Could have paid for a coloured coating but was a bit tight for cash and it was an extra £40 quid or something

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