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Weight reduction - nice forged wheels.

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  • 4 weeks later...

ive got these. they were on special offer at the time at £1200. theyre very nice wheels.



Oh, now I understand, you have bought some of these but yours not for sale..

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no im not selling them mate - i just fitted 3 new 888's last week!


i like the ones you posted but i think they suit the later S2 exige but not really the elsie. the 240R wheels look good on anything 


speak to Dave at seriously lotus he might do you a deal

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I'm considering getting a set of these:-



Also a 2bular system.

Comments invited.


Those are the lightest wheels Lotus has ever used...


And 2bular is the best in my opinion.

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The lightest wheel now offered by Lotus is the wheel used on the Elise cup R and also on The Elise cup Road car as an option.

They are the same sizes as the other forged options 7x16 and 8x17 they come in at 5.5kg for the fronts and 7.0kg for the rears, Almost 3 kgs lighter than the 240R and the super sport wheels

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