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galvanised chassis

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inherited an éclat which had the chassis removed got a new one but don't have any bolts to attach it to the body nor anything to attach engine suspension etc. Can anyone advise best one stop shop for the whole caboodle ?

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Top Posters In This Topic

Have a look on SJSportscars website - they have a parts section for Elite and Eclat. Maybe you will find what you want there?



You could also give them a call - Steve has always been great with me but can be a little abrupt I hear! Delivery very fast just dont expect bargain basement prices!


Welcome by the way!



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Or you ring up LotusBits.  They can do you a combination of any second-hand and some new parts.


The cost of all-new suspension bolts adds up qite quickly.  They are very high quality steel though, and second hand ones are viable.  Just type Lotusbits into google.


Don't email them, always ring them!



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Welcome to TLF George. :welcome:

Best of luck with getting what you need.

You should also duck over to the Introductions thread and say hi in there as well. :)

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