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re alternator: I fitted an old Bosch one, originally from a Ford Laser(in Australia) which is same as Mazda 323, an 80's model . It fitted beautifully, with a little filing needed on the mount point on the block. And an extra bit of spacer too I recall, but it was very straight forward. And it works a treat. V-belt aligned no problem. I will try to post a picture later if you want.



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Pics attached.

I had to file down a bit of the alternator mount, and add a spacer so I could use the existing bolt.

Same belt was used. I think I just had to add an bit of an extension to the adjustment arm.







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Thank you for pictures Clive!

To day was tank removal day, not bad task at all. So far.. Behind link is some pictures of tank outside, how does it look to you?


There was little smell all the time but could not figure where it come. Pressure test maybe only good way to examine leakage?

All wireing in boot looks like home made, maybe it is!

Now just waiting for parts to come from SJSportscar to complete engine.


Btw... I restored original brake calibers but they weight so much I am affraid to assembly :(



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Jukka - snap, just done exactly the same job (see my car restoration thread for latest photos.

I appear to have a very similar tank (condition wise) to you except that the inlets on either side of mine are metal all the way to the rubber connector at the filler cap. I wonder if the additional rubber you have on yours improves flexibility - mine were quite tight to get out.

I also have a very strong smell of fuel from mine - again check out the photos - evidence of weeping around the drain bung (ie not the banjo bolt). I'm going to make sure that both are properly sealed with something petrol proof (I'm thinking Hylomar Blue unless anyone tells me not to?). I'm also going to follow Mike's advice regarding POR15 internal sealer just to make absolutely sure of no leaks - this may be overkill as my tank looks very good but I don't want to be doing the job again.

I'm also going to add the banjo bolt with a filter sticking up to avoid any possibility of issues in future.

Best of luck

Is the price for that bit in Yen or £?

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I think I am not putting filter in banjo bolt. I put it somewhere it's easy to clean or change.

Funny, didn't find POR15 in any conventional store here in Finland. Only via internet.

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I went to visit alternator repair shop and seems to be that my one is Mexican remanufactured "Chrysler alternator". So it looked like it should in early Elite. Now I need to decide between repairing this one or buying new similar one.


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Original brakes restored and installed. Discs were in good condition. Wilwoods I removed were in good shape. 2 x lighter than original...


Got that new alternator too. I think its like the one installed by Lotus -74. Early type Chrysler alternator or ?


One more question, are these relays from factory or where should these be located?


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This came out from factory with side lights, front and rear daylight driving lights. That's why 3 extra relays.

I have not found any picture to be sure of that Chrysler alternator, hilfe?

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Does everything work except the radio?

Assuming this is the case, I would suggest starting from scratch with the radio - it should be fairly straightforward to work out if you have a 'live' feed from the ignition and where the speaker cables are - it might be worth hooking up a known working radio to start with. Take your time, and be methodical.

Good luck

Is the price for that bit in Yen or £?

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There was no 12V and speakers were not connected. I tested it already and something wrong with it. I usually repair these by my self but this one I want to be perfect so it goes to proper repair shop. I want to record something with that mic ;).

All switches were ok besides clock. How to renew texts in panel? Some transform letters but where to buy?


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Took camsaft seal away and woiting for new one to arrive..

About fuse box, still availeable from somewhere? Mine did not have any cover, how should it look like?

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