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Both lights are now behind same line (connected together with blue line). Working.

Heater adjusts are not working at all, is this loose line end reason for that? 


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My understanding is that the heater works off of the vacuum pods that are behind the front wheel on each side of the car. It may be that one of yours has failed and the lights just run off one side but the heater is still plumbed into the other side. I didn't pay much attention when i stripped mine apart since I was going to replace the headlight vacuum system with mx5 motors only to realize too late that I need to figure out how the heater will work.

It looks as though the pipe end in the picture is running through the gap between inner and outer wing (mine was) and so I would look at the drivers side first to find out what is going on in there. They are a pain to get out without taking the door hinge plate off but possible.


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I have relay, that operates vacuum pod, only in left side. From where vacuum tube is chained to right side. So one relay operates both lights. Should it be like that way?


Where to find vacuum diagram? Not in repair manual..

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Hi, here's picture while idling and vacuum connected to distributor. You can just see, if you look carefully, timing mark in cam pulley (timing light on). Is it in 10deg mark or 20deg mark?


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