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Elise Wet Tyre Options

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I'd also recommend AD08 for wet use.

I ran them on my SC VX220 (260bhp). They're great in the wet, good in the dry but not great if it gets VERY hot (say a July/Aug trackday) as they become a bit greasy in very hot temps

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Bit late to this Tom sorry,

AD08R's seem to work well as do R1R's if you can still find some,

How about the Avon ZZS's though?

Increasingly everybody is raving about the ZZR as a dry tyre so how about trying the more cut wet version?

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Looking dry tomorrow (for Silverstone), so have some time to make a decision.

Wondering whether to go for another set of forged or something cheeper for the wet tyres as I guess weight less important.

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Depends if you want something road legal.  Proper wet race tyres have a whole new level of performance and you are talking 10-15 seconds a lap on a wet track.  If you go for proper wets there is lots of choice but both Dunlop and Avon will have tyre sizes to fit and will work well.  If you want something road legal (if you are carrying an extra set of tyres I'm not sure why you would want this) then Uniroyal rainsports get a good rep although not tried them yet myself. 

Also - on the subject of wheels - I always run the 1.2 Team Dynamics which are very cheap and about the lightest cast wheels going.  I use these over forged rims because my wallet doesn't twinge when I point the car at massive curbs or go wheel-to-wheel with another car which = more lap time!

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