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Brake pads worn out

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My 2013 Elise S has 6,500kms on the counter, i have the feeling that the brake pads are warn out as there is a hissing sound from the wheels (when driving in a closed parking lot at low speeds) as if metal is hitting the discs.... Could that be possible only after 6,500 kms? I dont track the car! 

Also, arent i supposed to have a red warning light in the dashboard informing that pads need to be replaced?



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If you are getting a weird sound when braking, I would stop using the car and check things out. If you damage the disc, it can end up a lot more expensive. I doubt there is a warning light to let you know you need to change pads, but I may be wrong.

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Many pad warning systems I've seen work on only one pad of the pair (although I have seen some with two), so if the caliper sticks slightly you can wear through the non-telltale pad before the light comes on. I'm with Michael, inspect before continuing to drive. It may simply be a stone caught but better to check than need the brakes and not have them. It's only a case of removing the wheel and inspecting how far apart the pads are from the disc, you don't even have to see the friction material a long as you can see the steel backing plate of it.

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My original pads are still okay for 'normal' road use, but on track they are suffering a lot of fade at just over 6,000 miles. 

Ran Pagid RS4-2 on the 111R (previous car) but never tracked this so rarely got them warmed up sufficiently to benefit. Anyone have any recommendation for good pads for track days on original discs?

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