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2016 Photos & videos thread

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52 minutes ago, OrangeBomb said:

We'll see if the pics from my iPhone upload the pics the right way up for a change?! 

One word: - NO

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Would be nice if anyone had taen a picture of a lovely Excel instead of all those common Evora's! Best in show (but there was only me).

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'Twas a wonderful event much enjoyed so many thanks to Bibs and everyone else who made it happen incl MBW for hosting and all the marshals, judges, and mates who made the day what it was.  I am now sufficiently red in the face that no amount of embarrassment will cause a colour change ... so here are some poor quality photo's to augment all the professional ones out there. 

Your wish is my command Tony


It was great walking around some of the cars with Cliff and Mike - and as always, there were fascinating snippets of the development of the cars


Odd that no one would drive anywhere near Ian and Katy in the parade - was it just cos he's an instructor so comparisons not welcome?


Overall an excellent turn out




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Loving Lionel and Eleanor......missing Charlie and Sonny

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