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Yellow Eclat in Holland


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Yesterday I got, together with my friend Bauke, a yellow Eclat from Belgium. No runner, needs lots of good care and restoration, but think it is worth the challenge. My first thought when I saw the interior was oops... that needs lots of work, but later I thought when the carpets (which are mostly gone) are replaced and all in cleaned I think it looks completely different. The engine looks not so bad at all and also underneath the car it was a bit rusty, but not to bad either. I will post so now and then my progress of the car. The front and rear bumpers need a black respray or maybe change... Bauke told me that the odd fog lights vents on the bumpers are special for Belgium cars.... 

At first I need some new/used parts, front screen, inner part of the steering wheel, window wipers, maybe another black grill on the front (which had a little crack) 





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Welcome to the Forum Sir. Cracking little project you have there. Best of luck with it - as ever, all on here will try to help where possible. Check out @Tocus who may be able to help with parts and is probably nearer you than we are over the pond.

Well done - good rescue



Is the price for that bit in Yen or £?

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Look like a very interesting and rewarding project.

No, I'm not jealous. Well maybe a little bit... OK, a lot actually. :sofa:

Best of luck and hope to see the car again after the restoration!


I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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Well done, he was telling me about the car a few day's ago. Bauke is the perfect man to help you with this project. Keep us posted on how you get on with her.

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