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Wider wheels to fit S2 K-series?

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Afternoon all.

So Ive got a mildly tuned 2001 K-series S2 (circa 150bhp) and thinking of changing wheels / tyres.

When I had the tuning done a couple years ago I was intending to use all year round so stayed with stock wheels and put Advan AD07s on - partly due to budget but I was also advised at the time that they were a good year round tyre.

Well Im now keeping it under a cover in the winter, and on the last track day felt that front understeer was the biggest limiting factor (after driver skill!). So am thinking of getting wider wheels so that I can consider wider and stickier tyres (Toyo888s or AO48s???). But unsure if all S2 and Exige wheels will fit my car.

Does someone know if the ones off Toyota engined cars fit mine, and if there are any fitment issues going from 175s to 195s??

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It's quite common to just add 10mm to the tyres on the existing wheels. I did that on mine and it did make a difference. I'm also running R888R's which are very sticky and added quite a bit of speed around Goodwood for me :)

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Thanks Bibs. Reason I was asking was that Ive seen a set of wheels/tyres fir sale quite cheap with R888Rs fitted but they are 195s on the 5.5J fronts. Having done some research - whilst they clearly do fit, they are outside the ideal range for that wheel width so I fear the grip[ gains will be lost with the tyre moving about on the narrow rim. I will have a look at whats available in a 185 then.

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Best thing I ever did to my K-Series was fit OZ Wheels (as on the Sport 135) and A048s - so wider fronts made the car so much more stable and turned in better .

try this link for more info on all the options

http://wiki.the playground.org/a/S2_Wheel_Options


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