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steering wheel shake at speed

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I own a 2006 Lotus Elise with 24K miles.  For awhile (2-3yrs), I have a slight but noticeable shaking of my steering wheel when my speed is over 80mph, this happened even before I finally replaced my tires last month (new tires A048 along with complete aligmnent).  Any ideas what could be causing the shaking?  As background, old tires wore evenly. Car does not "drift" and hold the line its on. 

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I had a similar issue with my M3 where wheels an tyres were replaced, car was aligned and the final fix came when I replaced some bushes and replaced the hub.

I'd be looking at bushes and checking hub runout (check mating surfaces between hub and disc are clean, too!)

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I had had a bit of vibration on my 048's at speeds around 80, was told by many people these tyres are notoriously hard to balance right, I had mine done twice with no improvement and a third time back at the Hethel factory workshop, still not perfect.

When I put another set of wheels and different tyres, they are perfect, so I've just put it down to the 048's and live with it.

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