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Lotus excel 503

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Taken a 1979 on board addressing work required. First stop the interior are front and rear seat removal easy any guidance.

Second the front door cards need removing any guidance. Can I buy the sealing strips for the Windows which are perished. 


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Hi Robbie, welcome to the forum, both sets of seats are easy to remove, do you have a manual to follow. rear seats, two fixings in the short vertical section of the flour pan, bottom of the seat, then pull out the centre section, there's one screw either side, one for each seat. Finally unbolt the seat belt from the rear shelf, need two people for this as its not possible to be in the boot and the car at the same time. They will then just lift out. Front seats have four mounting bolts straight through the floor pan, push the seats back and forward on the runners, this  will expose both sets of bolts in the lower seat runners. lots of wd40 first, especially if the cars had water in.

All the window brushes are available from SJ Sportscars. 01363 777790. Have a look at the web site you can down load a copy of the spares list from it. they are also good for advise as are Lotus Bits  01926 633211, they have loads of 2nd hand bits too.

Pictures are always welcome.

Best regards


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