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Alternator tension setting on 1993.5 S4

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Hi all,have put the triangular brace back and loosely refitted the alternator.How do I lever the alternator and against what,to get the correct play in it’s belt,what is the mm play and how/where do I check it? I am lying on top of the engine,left hand swinging the alternator upwards ,right hand attempting to do the adjusting strap clamp bolt up but I can’t get the tension anywhere near tight enough.Thanks for any help.

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Use a hard wood stick or short crow bar inserted from the top on the left of the alt. Wedge it under the alternator from the top-left and push with your left hand on the top end of the stick toward the left/down. Use a couple of wooden blocks of different sizes to create reaction points.


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Thanks John,but I decided not to use this method as I was wary of damaging the casing. I made a block of wood square at one end and 2.5cm thick and 5 cm wide.One long edge 20cm and the opposite edge 22cm to make a wedge.Pull up the alternator on it’s pivot bolt,jam the square end against the chassis near the water down pipe and force the sloping end in against the casing holding it in position and providing the correct movement for my length belt and making it easy to torque up.

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40 years in the business, and I've never damaged any alternator casing using a crowbar.

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Changed mine recently as it was squeaking with low revs on tick-over.

I tightened things from underneath, but it did help having the father in law top side applying some pressure/tension.

Make sure you have good jacks and supports if attempted from below!

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angled crow bar in left hand, 13mm socket in right hand, tighten adjuster.

Then don't forget to tighten the 13mm nuts on the alternator pivot axle and the 17mm bolt at the bottom of the alternator strap.

wrap angled portion of pry bar between the bracket and under the alternator housing.



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