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Passenger Side fuel tank GRRRRRRR!!!


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After having a fuel leak from the drivers side tank I have decided to replace both tanks with aluminium ones. Drivers side tank is in and I am know removing the passenger side which is proving to be a real pain in the rectum as it fouls on the inlet cam tower when trying to remove.

I have come to the conclusion of slightly dropping the engine one side to allow enough clearance. I only need about 2cm extra gap if that.

My plan was to place a jack with lump of wood under the sump and undo the three bolts from engine mount leg to block on drivers side and gently let the jack down a little bit to give the required clearance.

My question is......is this ok if I am careful and is there anything to watch out for? Do I need to loosen gearbox mount that side too?

Thanks in advance


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It should be quite easy to undo both sides mounting bolts (the ones to the subframe, not to the engine) then slide the engine the 2cm you need. The coolant pipes etc should give enough flex  for that but you'll feel as you push it whether there's rough movement. the gearbox mounts are far enough away to not be a problem. And, yes a block of wood and a jack should be fine, ideally placed so as to carry the weight on the vertical face of the sump, not just in the middle of the horizontal one.

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Hi Andy

I need to get the engine to lower or tilt a bit to get the tank out. If I undo the mount bolts on the sub frame that wont drop the engine down, will it? Or am I being a bit thick!

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Removing engine support-to-block bolts on the right side is quite easy, but the left side is a  "mission impossible".

It is much easier to jack up the engine and remove rubber engine mounts. This will expose holes in the chassis (2.25" -2.5") which can accommodate the lower ends of the engine supports.

Lower gently the engine, let supports sink-in the holes. Use couple of small pieces of rubber mat to prevent metal-on-metal contact between  hole edge and engine support. Never remove the floor jack. Engine must be supported by the jack all the time.

Note:  Left side long bolt going trough the rubber mount can be only withdrawn half way before its head hits the exh header, but there is enough clearance to slide out the mount.

Left mount works under compression and right one under tension. They don't wear off evenly, one is always beat up more severely. Examine both of them carefully and replace if any cracks are detected.  More info here:  http://www.lotustalk.com/forums/f164/x180-esprit-turbo-fuel-tanks-diy-265762/

Good Luck




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