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Good rolling road session

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Well, last year when I first put my Esprit on the rolling road, I got ok figures, but a big hole in the torque curve. (275bhp it was making).

At the time the hole was suspected to be wheel balancing as sure enough when I had the backs balanced, one was miles out.

I put it back on the rolling road after wheel balancing (having done an oil and plug change as well) and power was down about 100bhp! The gearbox was also whining really badly, so I decided to get the gearbox rebuilt by Chris Cole. Turns out one of the bearings had broken in half, and the diff was in a bad way.

Roll on 6 months.. I've got the gearbox back with a new cryo treated (stronger) crown wheel and pinion, new (second hand) diff, and all new bearings and everything setup correctly, which apparently it wasn't before.

Also fitted a new clutch, re surfaced the flywheel, new spigot bearing and crank seal.. as well as several other little jobs to stop oil leaks, along with a few helicoils added here and there as necessary.

I went on the rolling road again today, and the power is indeed back with a vengeance! These figures are 25bhp up on what I had before my mysterious power loss, so I'm guessing the gearbox really was knackered!

Very happy with these curves. And sure enough, the flat spot has gone, guess it was down to wheel balancing after all.

These are calculated flywheel figures, but at the bottom you can see the actual wheel figures as well.


Photo 03-05-2018, 4 39 57 pm.jpg

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