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Ocassional stall while idling 1998 gt3


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GT3 1998 with v8 style dash.

Very rarely.. but fIive times over the past year.. while idling it just stops.. restarts everytime.

If I am coasting at the time (to save my left foot) I can bump it in gear and it starts before we have stopped rolling


Not really a problem... but it must be symptomatic of something not quite right... throttle sensor ??

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Either TPS reading wrong or idle air control valve shagged.

both service items - both cheap as chips from rock auto 

Only here once

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Like Barry said, most likely an IAC issue (Idle Air Control stepper motor). It may just need a reset, or a cleaning.

If that doesn't help then there is a procedure in the EHM manual to adjust the minimum air rate bleed screw to the proper range so that IAC is between 20-40 counts (monitered with freescan or Espritmon. DO not adjust this screw by ear, as that will mess with the ability of the IAC to control the idle.


Vulcan Grey 89SE


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