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Grinding noise

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Hi, I am new here and would like to say hello :)

I have just purchased a 4700 mile elise S1 and have a rubbing noise when cornering to the right.

I have changed the rear wheel bearings but it is still there. Nothing appears to be catching the tyres or anything obvious.

If you listen to the audio on my mpeg clip you can here it it's quite loud and stops when I exit the roundabout. It only happens when turning right and appears to be from the rear.

Any ideas?

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Congrats on the Elise and your first post.

Unfortunately the noise is not one we recognise, and we have done nearly 100k in our s1 now.

I suspect it's probably something simple. Get it across to hangar 111 or another specialist who should be able to help with the diagnosis.

Not sure where you are but if it's anywhere near norwich happy to help further. Simon's got quite good at identifying the cause of odd noises from the Elise over the years.

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I'm no expert, but given the low mileage and age of the car, it is safe to assume that it has spent most of its life sitting in a garage. Could it be the brakes binding slightly through lack of use?  I'd be tempted to get up to a decent speed and try a few hard stops where it's safe to do so.  It might be enough to free up whatever is dragging.  It could also be the parking brake binding slightly, does it make a similar noise if you gently apply the handbrake whilst driving slowly?

Whatever it turns out to be, I hope that it's a quick and cheap repair.  Enjoy your car!

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