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  1. Hello all, I have a 1999 Lotus Elise 111S o/s driveshaft that is giving me grief! I purchased JR434 (inner) & JR337 (outer) from www.jandrcvjoints.co.uk. I did pose the following questions to them but they were not really interested beyond offering to refund for the wrongly supplied part. I presume that the outer joint fits on the end of the shaft with the solid ring on it (see pic 6260). The outer joint fits fine on either end of the shaft which tells me that the splined ends of the shaft are machined the same. For info, there are 22 splines. The spider for the inner joint is a VERY tight fit on the shaft. I think the inner diameter is about right but the splines are not deep enough? It goes on about 3mm then no amount of percussive persuasion will get it much further. I have not experienced anything this tight before. I notice that the part JR434 is not the same as for an MGF. The Elise has a MGF PG1 gearbox and MFG drive flanges so I would have expected the Elise shaft to use these joints with a different length shaft. What is the difference between the Elise and MGF inner joint? This must be a Rover part but I've no idea how to cross reference it. I see that the shaft is supplied complete with the inner joint from Lotus so there is no unique part number for the inner CV joint. All is not lost as I can buy a complete driveshaft with joints from www.elise-spares.com. It's only money right! However, I'd rather spend £25 on a CV joint. Key to photos:- 6260 - Outer side of shaft. 6261 - Inner side of shaft. 6262 - Internal view of outer CV joint. 6363 - Spider of the inner CV joint. 6264 - Double band on the shaft. 6265 - Supplied parts. Any insight that you may have would be gratefully received. Regards Mike
  2. Hello everybody, I'm trying desperately to get my 1999 Elise 111S on the road this year. Currently doing a suspension rebuild. Just started thinking about the steering rack. 'Slight' play in the o/s inner joint has come up on the MOT's as an advisory on and off since 2003!! It was never really noticeable enough to do something about it. However, I now have the car in bits anyway so now seems like a good a time to sort it out. This will be a Titan rack and I see that you can get a rebuild kit and track rods. I wonder if anybody here has done this job successfully. I could do with an exploded diagram so I can see what the bits in the kit actually do. Which bits wear? My rack wear feels like inner ball joint rather than the rack itself. Can these be re-shimmed like in the old days? Any help or advice appreciated. Regards, Mike
  3. I've been isolated for toooo long so my brain is working overtime. I am contemplating a change (to another Lotus!). I have a 1999 Elise (Mk1) 111S in Norfolk Mustard / Green interior. ~ 34k miles. I've owned for 20 years from 3000 miles. Lots of trouble usually serious has amounted to an alternator (my fault), a loose crank pulley (dealers fault) and a speed sensor. That's it really. I've seen some huge numbers asked for these and they appear to be gaining in value due to under supply. My usual guide to the value of all things is usually eBay but I've not seen many sold. I dis-regard most asking prices as a trip into fantasy land. So, the question at last is what should I expect this car to be worth? I'm looking at Exige V6 Roadsters! Thanks Mike
  4. Hello there, I have a very standard 1999 111S in need of new spring / dampers. However, I don't know what to buy as I have never seen 111S model specifically listed, only 111R. I was under the impression that the 111S was lowered compared to the 111R but how is this achieved (if true) ? Shoter springs / different moutings ? I have asked a couple of suppliers who should know the facts but have received two conflicting replies. Is anybody out there who has replaced the factory parts and know definitively what to buy? My personal preference would be for a softer ride as my bladder can't and never could take it for more than 30 minutes. Thanks Mike
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