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  1. My original pads are still okay for 'normal' road use, but on track they are suffering a lot of fade at just over 6,000 miles. Ran Pagid RS4-2 on the 111R (previous car) but never tracked this so rarely got them warmed up sufficiently to benefit. Anyone have any recommendation for good pads for track days on original discs?
  2. Just tracked mine this week and was seriously impressed with sport mode not cutting in too much if you're smooth... but off is best and i couldn't feel anything interfering. Went with a friend who's racing in the Elise Trophy this year and he was equally impressed, although we both wished my pads were better as i was getting fade when hitting the braking zone at 125mph at Snetterton. Oh, and I was running on the AD07s rather than the A048s so will have to switch back, pop in some better pads and try again! Any excuse
  3. Hi guys! Just completed my first track day in the Elise S Cup and had a fantastic time. So much more in love with the car now. Came away unscathed and with just one wheel centre cap missing, so I'm pretty happy with that Does anyone know which cap I need for the standard forged wheel (black)? Guessing it's probably A128G0013F? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  4. Any chance of a video clip so we can hear what it sounds like? Really interested in the exhaust but need to hear before i buy as I think most people would! A video would be much appreciated. Thanks, Simon
  5. Was it much of a job to fit? I have the Elise S Cup (220 Cup) and wondered whether this adds much noise? Thought I may try this before an exhaust as i have the TRD on my 111R and made a nice difference.
  6. Fear not! I simply pulled over to undo the 4 point harnesses so i could stop and reach my sunglasses case!
  7. Thanks @Bibs! Would appreciate any insight into tyre options. When i said winter, i really just meant something more practical than semi slicks with the amount of rain we've had I've been surprised at how well the A048's have performed Very interesting information here @LF1 and it got me looking into the options available. My wheels are definitely forged, so it's likely that the fronts are standard 6inch width and exactly the same as the CR. The 195 profile tyres would still fit the narrower rim, whereas the larger 6.5inch wheel (the motorsport option you have) wouldn't allow fitting of the usual 175 profile AD07. I had these on the 111R and they were a great all rounder (and a fair bit cheaper) Looking through the 2014 updated service parts list i can only find this wheel design in 6inch width (see attached). So unless Lotus also made 6.5inch versions of the same design, i would be able to fit the standard tyres. As for the colour, it's Zest Yellow, which I am guessing was an option paint as it's metallic. Love the colour and really 'pops' compared to saffron yellow!
  8. Hi guys, I picked up my Elise S Cup last week and am absolutely loving the car! Previously had an Elise 111R so am enjoying the extra torque and beefier styling. My car has the Yokohama A048 tyres fitted which according the the Lotus site means it's sat on optional wheels. Going by the manual the difference is that the front wheels are wider at 6.5 rather than 6.0 meaning that the standard AD07 tyres won't fit. BUT... it states 'Motorsport Elise Cup R' wheels... which these are not. So I guess these are the bigger tyres on the smaller rim? Now I have read that the new Elise Cup 250 features the same 195 width A048 tyres too... but are there any winter options? Would appreciate your input on tyre options! Working out which wheels I've got will be the important bit!
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