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    Exige 350 Sport, Land Rover Defender 110HT TD5, Range Rover 3.5 Carb 1981, Range Rover 3.5 Efi 1987, VW Touareg 3.0 V6
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  1. Welcome! What about the main differences (not the technical differences, but the driving experience) between the 350 and 410?
  2. Seeing the face of my 21 y.o. daughter when I asked her to drive the Exige...
  3. Nice car! I've seen many tools for working wood... I hope you will not work in the garage with the Evora parked inside Since the day I got my Exige 350, I've spent more time washing and keeping her perfect than all my other previous cars together in a life time. Then I was also curious to understand how you could get out of the car as you parked the left side near the wall, then I realized that you are driving on the wrong side
  4. week-end after week-end, I will run out of scenic routes in the Alps before year's end...
  5. Living near the Alps has some advantages...
  6. First day with my brand new Exige: Club Lotus Italia tour of Dolomiti
  7. Yes, my first Lotus after more than a decade on the wish list...
  8. Hi! My name is Roberto, I live in Italy and I'm waiting the delivery of my brand new Exige 350 Sport in Orange color. In the next two days I should be able to have the plates and enjoy the beast. Ciao
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