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  1. This is correct. With the right dealer you will get one for 90k, with OTR costs on top. I do not think there is any money in it for the dealer or brand so caution is advised.. as you may end up with no dealer to go to. Im not sure all dealerships have the ability to do it and it may be based on their relationship with Lotus.
  2. I know exactly what you mean.. had to drive mine today, actually had to, adults constantly gave dirty looks, kids loved it.... bloody adults!
  3. Thought the title would get your attention.. Does anyone know of this 380? Any history that a potential buyer would need to know? Thanks
  4. Late to the party but wanted to comment.. Im watching the carfection review of the car as we speak. Its the first time ive seen the car. I am really impressed, lots of innovation and looks next level. 1.7 million however.... if the badge was equal to the big boys then maybe theyd fly out the door. But that kind of money for a first attempt hyper car... hmmm. Again, happy to be wrong, as it does look stunning
  5. Clearly, every local lotus owner is an alcoholic Haha
  6. No idea actually, wasnt komotec though. Fitted through lotus
  7. This is the passenger seat, there is no rail, how did you move it? As I'll get my spanners out
  8. @Christian H Did you have any issues refitting your passenger seat? Mine is touching the harness bar and can make adjustments to the straps difficult. With there being no passenger seat rail I'm stuck with it
  9. My calendar tells me it's a Sunday Correct, I have made contact and tried for us but they are full. Keen to get us in next year. Might be worth a recce?
  10. @Bibs @Kimbers @PhilW @Neal H @Rob999 @clivef38 @charliejd85 Gents? Fancy this?
  11. 2nd June (Sunday) Could be a good one for the classic Lotus enthusiast. I have asked if modern Lotus cars can sneak in too, if its not raining, I shall grace you all with ones presence! Ideal location for the Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire folk to gather..
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