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  1. What about ordering standard / original Lotus plates, and enlarging their own hole thanks to CAD / numerical control drilling machine ?
  2. My Cup 430 FE is rather new so did not go to the alignment shop yet, but I'll report once done. Rather interested though to know what makes the difference, if there's a difference...
  3. But then you'll still have the rim hitting the helper spring, above -2 degrees, as @Toqcars seems to be suffering from, right ?
  4. @Hangar 111are you perhaps aware of an additional switch to toggle in 20/20 vehicle configuration to make the valve button functional in all modes (tour/sport/race), on an Exige Cup 430 ? Many thx 👍
  5. Perhaps Cup 430 ECU works differently than others (so than your Sport 420 ECU). Seems like it's also the case on the Evora 430, as per the following thread : here & here.
  6. Totally agree The only downside of this button is that it is effective in touring mode only. Once in sport / race mode, exhaust is back to quiet mode under 4500rpm 😕
  7. ECU just checked on my Cup 430 FE, option was switched-off in the vehicle configuration section of Lotus 20/20 diagnostic tool. Once enabled, button works 🙂 Perfect 👍
  8. Good news 👍 Don't forget before / after photos while mounting Will be really interesting ! Many thanks ! Great video, nice climb, good job !
  9. Strange, I would have expected them to be the same. What's then the difference between FE an non-FE passenger seat ? Thx 👍
  10. Really nice idea 🙂 Many thanks for all the details 👍 How / where did you mount the lateral belts ? They are supposed to be mounted directly on the floor for best security, but perhaps you used seat runners here ? The 6 points harnesses are to be used with fixed seat runners, as per parts finder : https://www.bellandcolvill.co.uk/deroure?qs=1&preview=1&make=1&model=42&groupid=11564 Wondering then whether or not they could be used with standard seats, well, what would prevent from using them with for example Cup 430 seats... Any idea ? Thank you again !
  11. Answering myself with some instructions : http://www.billswebspace.com/Lotus6PointHarness.pdf
  12. One technical question, how did you mount the small floor bars ? You drilled through the floor for the vertical screws ? So there are nuts under the chassis, right ? What about the horizontal screws ? Are there nuts ? How do you technically mount / access them ? Thank you very much 👍
  13. Many thanks @Paul_D & @Toqcars for your comments 👍 Rather reassuring 🙂 I'll then (unfortunately) accept it now, and concentrate on other things 😉 Thank you again !
  14. Understood Mark, many thanks for the info 👍 I then assume that all Exige engines are subject to this issue, sooner or later ?
  15. You should have the owner manual in the boot !
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