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  1. @888mattdHope you find your forever car in the near future! I will update this thread when I weigh the 240 forged wheels.
  2. @888mattdI purchased my Ultralights from Seriously Lotus, from the link here. They are from the same manufacturer (Rimstock) as OEM Lotus Ultralights, but they do not have the Lotus lettering on the rim edge. (Attached pic is OEM Lotus Ultralight, CocoPops' Ultralight in the above post would be from Rimstock). If @CocoPopspurchased his Ultralights from Seriously Lotus as well, I believe black was the only option until recently. But yes, silver Ultralights were OE optional before 250FE. My 240FE would be similar to your photoshop, so thanks for the render! haha Is that your car? I remember a member from another forum had a custom spec just like that. Mine is Heritage Racing Green, option 2 trim with yellow stitch, yellow interior colour pack, poly back glass, CF sills and CF tailgate.
  3. Strangely, all the 220s I have seen had fit black Ultralights. My Ultralights are silver, but I do like that anthracite as well. Would be a good match/swap for the anthracite 240FE rims that will come off my car. Off-topic, but I'm itching to see you fit the carbon rear transom onto your 250FE @CocoPops
  4. I still do not have the information. I purchased a set of Cup wheels already but the dealer says our 240FE isn't set to arrive until March. I will post the findings when I take the original wheels off and weigh them. Yup, I think the Cup wheels suit the stock body quite well. Attached is a picture of @CocoPops old car on Cup wheels.
  5. I have found the weights of the Cup 250 M sport ultralight forged wheels, but not for the the ones on the Sport 240. Does anyone know the weights for the Sport 240/220 forged wheels? Just wondering how much weight is saved going with the Cup wheels.
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