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  1. I’ve got a scuff/chip on my rear quarter from a recent track day. It’s very shallow and seems solid when I give it a poke so I’m considering having a crack at it myself given that it’s in an area which may encounter damage again in the future. plan is to add a patch behind the damage to be on the safe side then rebuild the fibreglass back upto level then get the paint down professionally. Can someone point me in the direction of a fibreglass kit that’s suitable for the lotus there seems to be a lot of different types cheers
  2. Got a set of nitrons on the way so I’ll be looking to get a geo set up straight after. looking for somewhere West Midlands or within an hour that knows how to set up a lotus cheers
  3. After a set of 4 grp tail lights to fit a 2012 Elise s3 ( model with 4 large tail lights)
  4. I’ve spoke to one guy who’s fitted the 2ublar manifold and he said he had to take the clam off, So still uncertain if it’s a must or not.
  5. I’ve not long ordered a sdcp and 4-1 manifold for my 2ZR. What’s the best way to fit it? Does the rear clam have to come off? thanks
  6. I’m getting this recurring code which sometimes disappears for days after clearing the code. When the codes there the car stinks of fuel and misfires when pulling off. When clearing the code everything runs perfect again. I’ve logged the voltages of 02 sensor 1 and 2 and there’s barely any difference between the two. is this definitely a dead cat ? Is there any other tests I can do? Cheers
  7. So last night some ar****** decided to kick the back of my S3. no dents just spiderwebbing to the paint , suspect the white line in the centre may be slightly deeper than the rest. any ideas on where would be good to take it West Midlands way and what sort of costs to expect? cheers
  8. Is it possible to get a more track based set up on an S3 sport and touring without having to upgrade the suspension?
  9. Is it a straight swap if I was to swap the 2zr engine for a 2zz in my S3? Originally I wanted to K20 swap but can’t find anywhere that’ll do it without silly costs
  10. I’m thinking of getting some wheel spacers for my S3 to fill out the arch gap abit , ideally around 15/20 mm all round Will this have much in the way on impact of handling when tracking the car?
  11. Hi guys looking to get my S3 2zr mapped, the car has a 2ublar back box and the RRR cold air intake other than that it’s stock. I’ve read ideally you need to fit a less restrictive manifold and a decat to get decent power gains but I don’t want to out sound the supercharger whine. what sort of figures can I expect? and what are the well known tuning companies to go to? any input is much appreciated
  12. Is there a wiring diagram available for the Elise s 2012 2zr? I can only find one for 2006-2011 elises Infact any diagrams would be appreciated for this model cheers
  13. I have a 2012 Elise S (2ZR) currently has a 2ublar back box and a trd air filter. I can hear the supercharger just about but would love to make it abit louder. Is there any go to’s for this?
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