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  1. I have an elise S3. It doesn't seem to have central locking so I use the key. However I can't get the alarm to prime or trigger, I can hold down the button on the key and the siren is definitely working but if I press the lotus symbol on the key to arm it, it never goes off. I can open the doors, boot etc. The immobiliser works fine. Is there anything that could be stopping this from working? Fuse or something I could check?
  2. I've not hit anything of note no. So there's not some extra elise knack to locking off the tie rod that they possibly didn't do? I'm hoping they'll sort it out again FOC considering the time time/distance.
  3. Hi, I got an elise s3 about a week ago and the steering wheel was off centre and a bit wayward in feel. I got an alignment done straight away and it was setup perfectly and running straight. It was toeing in badly beforehand. Been out and about this weekend and it's back to where it was after about 100miles, steering off centre, albeit it doesn't pull it feels as though its toeing in badly again. Is this a common issue or was the tie rod locking nut possibly not done up properly and it's shifted easily again? Seems odd to happen so quickly..
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