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  1. Seeking advice on brake mod for Lotus Elise 250 Cup The following items were noted in BOE Fabrication and advice needed for the questions below: AP RACING RADI-CAL BRAKE CALIPERS - (Please advise the part number or fitting on this caliper) RADI-CAL BRACKETS - (Mount for AP RACING RADI-CAL BRAKE CALIPERS) REAR RADIAL CALIPER MOUNTS - (Please advise if it is the only mod required to mount the factory 2 pot calipers + the original slider as handbrake) Brake Rotor - (Please advise if this setup could fit the 288mm DBA 5000 series brake rotor, DBA Disc Brakes Europe | dbabrakes.eu) BRAKE BIAS CAGE - (Can it be installed in Right Hand Drive car? Could it be easily installed by a local workshop?) Any mod in Brake Hose needed and recommendation? My usage on my Lotus is mainly street and fast winding road. The current problem with my "factory setup + project mu HC+ brake pad + SRF brake fluid + Bridgestone RE-71RS" is the brake feedback too weak in the beginning and it makes it difficult to control the brake force, especially on the initial bite part. In terms of braking performance, the current setup could stop the car, but sometimes the rear may shake, when very hard braking around 130km/h downhill. I have a MX5 ND with Endless 4pot front and factory rear, it feels far more satisfactory than the lotus in terms of brake performance and feedback. And any advice on the above mod list with and without BRAKE BIAS CAGE? Any brake mod suggestions are welcome
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