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  1. I’ve had relatively good experiences with main dealers in the past. But have also found them to be consistently more expensive, but that just my subjective experience. I realise that the rates they have to pay are borderline extortionate so that then translates to cost to customer, plus when considering low volume items like tyres it’s a lose lose. Im definitely gonna call around the lotus dealers and see what they can do for me, but at the moment a set for £400 all in is sounding good. Just wait for the rain and snow to pass then I’m on it like Sonic!
  2. Do you mean I have to get new wheels for a more practicably accessible tyre size? They’re 175 55 16 & 225 45 17 respectively. Would those V105s come in this size or would I have to change the size slightly? Yes they’ll be for fast road use, all weather conditions (a completely different animal in adverse conditions, but still an absolute weapon) Maybe I’ll track it one day, we’ll see… But for now, my rat run has become highly enjoyable and the mountain roads call out to me every day! ⛰ 🏎 Said it before and I’ll say it again, what a car! 🙌😃
  3. I’ve just watched a really interesting video on tyre slip angle. Really making me think about tyres in a different way…
  4. I realise the dealers have big overheads, and I’m not being a cheapskate, I’m just tight as gnats chuff! 🤦‍♂️😂 Plus, I’m not a bottomless pit. One reason I chose the lotus is for its everyday running costs compared to a big engined car. Saving a few hundred quid in this day and age, in any circumstance, if possible, is a constant aim. And I am concerned about affecting the handling as it’s sooo good right now. So I want to be sure but want to be frugal at the same time. Also, my nearest dealer is 80 miles and a full day away from me. Does anyone know of somewhere good in South Wales I could go? It is bizarre for sure. But, given I got quoted close to a grand for a set last time I asked a dealer. Same dealer messed up my brakes on a major service and didn’t bleed them properly, tbh I thought for a minute they were trying to kill the mrs and I. Because it was Dec last year, in the snow, travelling to the airport via lotus for a service en route to a cancelled holiday in Egypt. We had to go back the following day and have them re bled. I hit the brakes on a dual carriageway in the snow, and the car didn’t respond as it should have. My heart skipped a beat… So…. Also they took off a brand new Bosch Aeroblade wiper, put a standard one back on, and tried to charge me for it, then tried to charge me extra for warranty work that still ain’t right. I have a hell of a lot of wind noise from the passenger door as compared to the drivers door. I thought it was the window seal but he door seems to be a fraction out. Plus the passenger seat leather has permanent damage due to the passenger seat having “not been put back in properly last time” leading to the nut protruding and nearly breaking through. Which made me wonder, why has the seat been out in the first place? 🧐
  5. One of my best butties used to tyre fit back in the day. Both of us from the fatherless land of inopportunity. He’s helping me out a bit, but hitting the same obstacles. He suggested road legal Nankang semi slicks, or Toyo as he said they’re on point atm. He was one of the ‘pride in job’ types and relished opportunities to work on special vehicles. Warned me of the same probs with tyre shops. “Watch they don’t butcher your wheels or tyres”, were his actual words. Stealers always take the piss, it’s part of their business model. No prejudice against any stealer, they’re mostly cut from the same cloth…
  6. Right now I have 175 55 16 on the front and 225 45 17 on the rear. They’re the AD07’s. I never thought tyres would be such a pain. Easy enough to get tyres for the back, but a matching pair for the front…🤦‍♂️ So those tyres from Asda will go on ok?
  7. Black circles don’t seem to have the sizes and am a bit weary of over inflated prices at the dealers… surely there’s an easy one stop shop other than a main dealer?
  8. Hi all, Where’s going to be the best place to get some new tyres for my 2016 Elise 220 sport please? Not getting much luck… 🙏🙇‍♂️🤞
  9. Hi all, it’s been a while! Hope all’s well for everyone It’s nearly 8000 miles later and all I can say is WOW! I remember a review I saw back when I was thinking of jumping in, where the guy was saying it’s gonna take about 18 months to fully dial in to the car and what it can do. Boy was he right. I’m going like a bat out of hell and the car still has so much more to give. It’s more what can I do rather than what can the car do… Truly remarkable. Just wondering now, as it’s almost time, what tyres should I be looking at and where to get them from? I’ve had a couple of ridiculous quotes, surely there’s a better road to go down… Any pointers would be greatly appreciated 🙏 ✌️
  10. Hi Guy’s, I’m back! 😃 👈and smiling! 😃 It’s a shame there’s no ear to ear smiling emoji because I’d be using that! My other motor is a VWT4 and in that gang that van’s gotta be named. Zeebo the wonder van is the name my daughter bestowed upon her back in the day. I’m not sure if we all give names here, but I’ve been compelled to do the same for my little stealth flower. So without further ado, I have the distinct pleasure and privilege to introduce to you, hailing from deepest darkest Wales, the masher of mountain roads, beater of B roads, A road accelerator, roundabout king and motorway mile muncher, DARTH. As you can probably tell, I’m chuffed to bits. Every time I drive it, it’s magical. Alright it’s a bit small inside, with no storage, noisy, a bit stiff on the road and I need to use Jiu Jitsu to enter and exit (Drop in and swivel out, for those who know😂) but all that goes out the window as soon as the road opens up. Absolutely glorious! Lee 😃
  11. All in good time friends, all in good time. Gonna savour the initial delights on the qt with the fam and close friends. Soooooo excited tho, it’s mint. I can almost hear the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains calling me from afar! 😆😃
  12. Hi again all, Thanks for the replies. Very much appreciated. Long story short, I bricked it and shat out 🤦‍♂️ Sourced a verified one. Stroll on! 💪😃
  13. Hi all, I was advised to join this forum as I’m considering entering the world of Lotus. Im supposed to be going to view an S3 S, Supercharged Elise tomorrow from a guy named John up in North Wales. An aviation engineer who’s maintained the vehicle himself since he bought if from Bell and Covill back in 2013. He has loads of maintenance records that appear to be well put together and consistent. However, I’m very nervous that it could all go horribly wrong and I get stuck with a nightmare vehicle. Is there such a thing as a Pre Purchase inspection you can have on a Lotus? Burning in my mind is that if it looks too good to be true then it probably is… :/ What to do? Any thoughts? Lee
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