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  1. I used this calculator based on the tire it has fitted now, https://www.tacomaworld.com/tirecalc?tires=215-40r17-205-45r17 which shows a half inch greater diameter on the tire I'm thinking of using. That's a quarter inch less wheel well clearance.
  2. Currently it has 215/40R17. The tire manufacturer of choice doesn't make that size. The closest one is a 205/45 which would have a 1/2 inch greater diameter. Would that size fit the front wheel wells?
  3. When I first brought back the Elise. The Elan at a car show a few years ago. The Esprit I bought 22 years ago and left in a garage ever since so no photos yet.
  4. Just found this forum but have been a member of the other Lotus forum for 13 years. Have a 1984 Esprit, 1991 Elan and a 2006 Elise.
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