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Guest Troy Halliday

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Guest Troy Halliday

I wasn't sure where to put this under G-Cars or those other flashy ones :angry: whilst doing a trawl to find out as much info as I can on my S3 I came across this and thought it may be of interest to some of you just ignore the car they can't help it :rolleyes:

Anyhoo heres the link


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I wasn't sure where to put this under G-Cars or those other flashy ones  :angry:

Theres a good point here Troy:

G-cars have features that are on the much later cars. :P

Late G-cars and early Stevens have the same engines. :rolleyes:

My Stevens SE has basically the same engine as the S4. :angry:

The S4s has pretty much same bodywork/trim as the V8. :D

As we have seperate Tech sections for each model,

owners will still have to look at other models tech

pages to find everything, or risk missing something


I guess the search facility will help here though ;)

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Guest Troy Halliday

I've got to check a few things out over the next few days but I think you guys are ganna start to like me :rolleyes:

I am slowely finding out where all those little bits come from that make up your pride and joy and I'm trying to find the best prices. What's more I'm doing it all for you guys! .............................. ok thats a lie I've got to replace so many things on the car that the price tag the word Lotus carries with it is starting to rub me up the wrong way. As I find them I'll post them.

Bids do you have the facility on this forum to pin posts so that they always stay on the first page. If you do then we could put little snippets of information like this were they are easy to locate.

You know the sort of thing:

Part - Origination of the part - availability - Price - Link

Oh and if someone wants to edit my posts to correct the spelling feel free cos I can't spell for tihS :angry:

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Someone gave me this as a word document. But whoever compiled it must have taken some time over it so i assume its correct. But will not state as such. And will not state the fit or quality of parts are better/worse than stock

HTH :rolleyes:



1 = Series 1 cars only

2 = Series 2 cars only

T = Turbo cars only

88 = Post 88 Turbo cars only

V = V8 cars only

All = All Esprits


Series/Yr Description Lotus# Cross Reference


Section E - Engine

T 88 Cam Belt Nissan Maxima - nis133.

T 88 Oil filter Wix 51307 - Regular Size, Wix 51348 - Small Size, Lucas F5534

T 88 Air filter Wix 46005 - Fits Jaguar

T 88 Alternator belt Gates 7340, Dayco 15340

T 88 Air conditioner belt Gates 9313, Dayco 17313

T 88 Vacuum pump belt Gates 7340, Dayco 15340


Section G - Hubs, Wheels, Tires


T 88 Wheel bearings, front inner BCA A6 - Early 80s Toyota Celica

T 88 Wheel Bearings,front outer BCA A2 - Early 80s Toyota Celica

T 88 Grease seal National 224820


Section L - Fuel System


T 88 Fuel filter Wix 33279 - Fits Volvo/Saab

85-96 Fuel pump primary Bosch 0580-254-967GFP 208 (Fits 911 Turbo)

85-96 Fuel pump secondary Bosch 0580-254-979GFP 214 (Fits 911 Turbo)


Section M - Electrical System


T 88 Distributor cap Borg Warner C567Standard LU 430World Parts W32-192Beck Arnley 174-0257Niehoff WA 447

T 88 Ignition rotor Borg Warner D578Standard LU 320World Parts W 32-372Beck Arnley 173-3880Niehoff WA 336


'87 Turbo


The GM vacuum pump (about $100 from NAPA) replaces the Lotus unit $1000 from Lotus.

Fuel filter Volvo WIX 33279

Distributor cap Borg Warner - c 567

Distributor cap Standard LU 430

Distributor cap World Parts W32-192

Distributor cap Beck Arnley 174-0257

Distributor cap Niehoff WA 447

Distributor Lucas 25D4 41634 for Esprit S1

Distributor Rotor Lucas RA1 for Esprit S1 or S2

Rotor Borg Warner - d 578

Fuel pump Primary GPF 208 fits 911 turbo

Fuel pump Secondary GPF 214 fits 911 turbo

Lambda sensor Bosch 0-258-003-022

Brake pads front 83-85 Celica same with wheel bearings

Brake pads front GDB216 - for Toyota, front

Brake pads rear Lucas GP 248

Brake pads rear Lucas GDB149 - for Renault, Talbot, rear,

Thermostat Gasget Felpro 35097 Chevy v8

Lotus 4-cylinder ECM Chevrolet Part #16198267 ($210US)

Tail-lights on all Stevens body Esprits - Toyota 1984/85 Corolla 3-door:

LEFT 81561-1A240

RIGHT 81551-1A240


'88 Esprit (included Lotus numbers as well).


B079P4057F--Gates 28467--Head to chassis

A079K4028F--Regular 5/8" heater hose

A912E2017F--Gates 20877--Inlet Manifold to Pump

A912E1837F--Gates 20338--Head to Pump, Elbow Hose

A026E6102Z--Felpro 35097--Same as Chevy V8

B907E6329H--Beck/Arnley 174-0257--Borg Warner C567--Late MGB, Dist.Cap

A912E6598F--Beck/Arnley 173-388O--Borg Warner D578--Late MGB, Dist.Rotor

A907E6332F--Gates 7340--Vacuum Pump Belt, Alternator Belt also

A910E6656F--Gates 9313--AC Belt

A912E6697F--Gates T188--Timing Belt

A910E6725F--Bosch 0580-254-967/or GFP 208--Fuel Pump Primary--fits Porsche

A910E6758F--Bosch 0580-254-979/or GFP 214--Fuel Pump Secondary-fits Porsche

A910E6726F--Wix 33279--Fuel Filter

A910E6755F--Beck/Arnley 156-8000 or 0-258-003-022--Oxygen Sensor

A082K4108F--Gates 21342--Radiator Outlet Bottom-note:cut creative making 2 hoses to rejoin with 1 1/4" nipple steel preferred

B082K4127K--Gates 20841--Return Pipe to Junction Pipe *

B912E1839F--*Uses other half of above Gates 20841; cut from same hose to fit both--Thermostat Housing to Pipe

A079P4056F--Gates 28467--Header Tank Feed

A082K4190F--Sorry Lotus Only

A082K4207K--Gates 20949--Elbow Hose

A082K4115F--Gates 21638--Hose Reducing *

A082K4200F--*uses other half of above Gates 21638 cut from same hose to fit both--Radiator Inlet

B089J8055F--Raybestos(ss)D245--Front Brake Pads--'83-'85 Toyota Celica

A082J6076F--Rear Brake Pads--actually they are the same as front brake pads for a Renault LeCar except the Renault pads do not have the metal "nib" on the back plate; is that important? If not, these pads will work.

B907E6000F--Wix 51307--Oil Filter

A089C8004F--BCA A6--Front Inner Wheel Bearing

A089C8005F--BCA A2--Front Outer Wheel Bearing

A089C8003F--National 224820--Front Hub Seal


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Guest devacom
Oh and here's another but you'll have to select 'Door Handles' cos there isn't a direct link

Door Handles


I've been looking for some newer door handles for a long time to replace my scruffy old ones. The Land/Range Rover ones are REALLY expensive to buy new, over 50 quid each last time I looked.

As I'm coming over to the UK in a few weeks I was wondering if anyone knows of any dealers who specialise in recycling Land/Range Rover parts.


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