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  1. I fitted the EliseParts one without issue. And bought blackened hex bolts from pro-bolt. The replacement items are very slightly different (see pic) from standard which is maybe why some places are not guaranteeing fitment. I found the Elise Parts one fitted fine. Be careful of the cork gasket and make sure to transfer the the rubber o-ring. I put a rag down the filler neck during the fitment just in case I dropped one of the bolts.
  2. The ones here. They pick up on a bracket that supports the 'pointy' ends of the rear valance that houses the reversing sensors. If these were direct fit for everyone I've done something wrong 🙈
  3. I was really pleased with the results after doing this mod. One thing I found was that of the four mounting bolts that are not the rear grill fixing or connection to the under tray, the forward most holes on each side didn't line up with the existing hangers. Did anyone else find this and what solution did you use? I've noticed on some pictures from other cars that the forward holes look to have been slotted.
  4. Is this belt and braces or are there genuine problems with hatch mounted wings causing clam damage? It's not a mod I see discussed often. It would be great to hear from people who have first hand experience of adding a big wing. 👍🏼
  5. Linking this thread as it contains info on a question asked above and something it appears is often not talked about when adding bigger wings. I.e. supports underneath the clam.
  6. This thread has been very useful. The parts are on back order with Lotus though. Out of interest, for those who added the tow loop, did you use the 430 specific tow bracket?
  7. Great result with the DBEaters. Without doubt that's going to be the best approach. Out of interest, is it a road or track system you have. I.e. was it trying to be quiet before you started or was it a louder road system?
  8. Using your axle stands might be better. 👍 its less convenient but safer
  9. They look well made. Can you flip them over and show us what they look like? 😉😁
  10. I'm not clear on the brake switch stuff described above and how that would help, or are there examples of faulty/ poorly installed brake positions sensors? I find the H&T much easier in Race mode on the track when giving it the beans. I've always H&T'd all my cars, and it strikes me that with a slightly sharper throttle response at low revs it would be fine. It just doesn't enjoy being 'mildly' H&Td which is a share. Seems to me there will be a reason why this isn't part of the throttle map. Some drivability or durability reason maybe? i still think that some of the problem must lie with it being forced induction, ie stalled inlet etc
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