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  1. One of one in the UK… Only bought it because I love the colour 😄
  2. No denying the Emira looks great, and is probably better built than any Lotus before it, but to me it just didn’t feel ‘better’. It didn’t feel ‘Lotus’ to me either. Not easy to describe how I felt about it tbh. I don’t want an easy driving weekend car anymore, which I feel the Emira is and Lotus have done a great job of enticing virgin Lotus owners to the brand who want just that, but to me they’ve missed the best years of ‘analogue’ Lotus and will only know ‘digital’ Lotus. That said, I hope it keeps the brand alive, even if it means electrification…
  3. I’ve just bought a 410 Sport and could’ve had a lightly used Emira for just a few £k more. The Emira doesn’t really interest me - I’m sick of touch screens and the like…
  4. Rancid

    TLF GT430 Club

    If only their little cousin was there too 😄
  5. I coach kids rugby on Sunday mornings until 12pm so I wouldn’t make it, unless it’s in the afternoon?
  6. Cheers Phil Yes I bought that one 😀 I’ve used Central since they opened when I had both my last two Exiges as I’m also in Notts. Always had good service from them and even though neither of my other cars were bought from them, they were always good with warranty issues and servicing - first Exige needed a new clutch under warranty and they organised the whole thing including arranging the then Lotus field engineer to look at it. Need to find my log in for MLOC too…
  7. This time next week I should be back in a Lotus and a member of the Sport 410 club 😀 It’s been almost 7 years since my 3rd and last Lotus (Exige 350) drove off with its new owner. Lots of cars have come and gone in between, but the lure of another Lotus was too great. Not sure about the decals if I’m honest, but I think after 7 years on the car they may not be the easiest to get off and the paint underneath possibly slightly different shade now? And the radio - would like to change to a DAB system.
  8. Is there a replacement trim without the ‘Lotus’ available to buy? cheers
  9. As much as I'm not a fan of diamond cut wheels on any car, I think they really suit your colour.
  10. I sorted it by using the furry side of some sticky backed Velcro I had lying around - stuffed it into the gap between the plastic trim above the seatbelt mounts. Worked fine.
  11. I'm sitting in a Suzuki Vitara at the moment - I can see the bonnet and both corners.
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