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    Scott Stout
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    91 Esprit
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    V8 Wheels, AP Brakes, Cams, Turbo, Injectors, Balanced, Matched Ports, Electric Charge Cooler, Accusump, Spax, Suspension Bushings, Stuff over the years.,
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    Dayton, Ohio

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  1. After waiting 3 years for transaxle parts I'm putting the car back together. I have this set of wires in the right-hand buttress with the ECU. I thought I labeled everything but there are no labels on these wires and I can find nowhere to attach them. I've looked through my manuals but do not find these color codes. Can anyone help me? Cheers- Scott
  2. Hi Jacob- I use a set of the books, but perhaps I can help. What is it that you are having problems with?
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