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  1. Hi Everyone, can anyone tell me where i can get the ABS tech 1 test done arounfd the Derby area? Thanks for your help!!! Mick
  2. Chris, thanks for your help, looks like I have a job to do at the weekend, i hope they just need a clean, Mike
  3. hi everyone, not been on for a while but can anyone help with the ABS light!!! On all the time, no reason for it to come on! It is a the V8 type breaking system on the later model, any ideas or has any one got an idea where i can get it checked out around the Nottingham area! thanks for your help!
  4. Stu, its a Kenwood headunit DVD player, i got a very small reversing camera off ebay which i tested before i fitted, it works well, thanks for the info looks the best route for the wires, head unit is fitted and just clears the gear knob when its in first, im very pleased with the way the kenwood works and fits in the dash, i will let you know how it goes, Regards Mike
  5. Im about to wire a reversing camera to my car stereo does anyone know the best route for the wires to pass into the cabin from the boot space? Regards Mike
  6. Hi Pete, I dont use the forum that much but reading about your daughter made me send you a message, if there is anything we can do just text me!! you are in our prayers!!
  7. Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!!! Mick
  8. Can anyone help?? A friend of mine needs to see how much an Elise S1 is worth as the owner died suddenly and his wife is selling it. The Elise is a P registered 1996 August, it is Norfork mustard, it has 56000 miles on it full dealer service history, from what I can see on photos it is in good condition. regards Mick
  9. Good luck with yours Pete, if you need a hand just call me on my mobile, all the best Mick
  10. Thougth I would let everyone know what the problem turned out to be it was the coil, amazing how much smoke came from it, anyway the Esprit is now back up to speed no more problems anymore for now, thanks for your replys, Mick
  11. I think I need to order a new coil tomorrow, as that must be a problem with it smoking and blowing the fuse, I will just have to keep my fingers crossed, thanks for your help Mick
  12. Derek, Could this be an ecu problem causing the coil to short out??? one fuse does both on the GT3 thanks Mick
  13. Hi Derek, there is one fuse for both, does that make sence? Mick
  14. Thanks for the advice, Im thinking of keeping it standard, the only thing I am bothered about is that it could be somthing else that has caused it to fail, have you any idea what could of caused it to fail??? Mick
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