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  1. Was a really enjoyable evening. Some lovely cars there... and how epic was that Atom's supercharger whine!!! 😲
  2. I also took the ‘Evora 400’ badge off mine. I think it makes the back-end look tidier.
  3. I've noticed a real change in attitudes towards the Evora since I moved from the blue S to the silver 400. The S got plenty of admiring glances, but the 400 gets much more attention. It also seems to be a magnet for boy-racers wanting to play - they're wasting their time though! I've been really surprised how much the subtle redesign has influenced the roadside perception of the model.
  4. I saw a 4C in the flesh for the first time fairly recently. Absolutely stunning from the front, rear, and quarter-views, but far too squat when viewed side-on. And that dash / switchgear! 🤮 Who the hell signed that off? Very un-Alfa!
  5. The Alpine may well be a fantastic drive - but by god... it is über fugly! Just hideous!
  6. I've also bought from Auto100 - the car I bought had some issues, but it was priced well and they were easy enough to deal with. They do tend to sell their cars quite a bit below market value, but £49k for a 400 would be outrageously good value! That price puts it slap bang between 2 similarly aged IPS 'S' cars on Pistonheads though, so I'm guessing a typo on this occasion!?
  7. Saw this on Autotrader earlier this evening and was planning to give them a buzz first thing tomorrow morning. But then I spied that all was not as implied in the headline. New&onesearchad=New&postcode=eh413sb&model=EVORA&page=1 *Hint - you’ll find the answer in the engine bay pic!
  8. Looks good Tom! But then I would say that! 😉 I seem to recall reading somewhere that body coloured door handles were a £400-ish option on the early S. 😮 I'm pretty happy with the spec of my car. An Alpine ILX-700 and reverse-camera arrived today, and I'll get that fitted once the double-DIN supports arrive from Lotus - the only other thing that I *might* do is get the cloth covered lower panels re-trimmed to match the uppers. I've been quoted £1200 (which seems quite reasonable).
  9. ... or 'Godforsakeus' - as some of the cheekier locals call it!
  10. That's the Gifford to Duns road - it's right on my doorstep. I was off to have a look at the Jim Clark museum (in Duns), but should have checked the website first as it was closed! Never mind - any excuse for a trip across the hills in the Evora!
  11. Had the S for a week now - and absolutely love it! It's a 2011 model with 15k miles. I had early thoughts about customising the car with black-packs, black wheels, black lettering, red calipers, etc. but I'm starting to think that it looks really classy the way it is, so I might well leave it alone. It needs a louder voice though, so a 2bular full system is on it's way!
  12. PS - hadn't noticed the 'black pack' on the lower front-lip of other Evora's before... thanks for the heads-up!
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