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Community Answers

  1. What was wrong with the quality on the mirrors?. Been thinking of getting a set myself
  2. I weighed my 430Cup ( couldn’t upload the pic of the weighbridge scale readout ) and was 1100kg, with 3/4’s full fuel tank. It has all the usual luxuries on so not inconceivable it could hit the manufacturers claim of 1,093
  3. That’s good, but not a good advert for Aerie !
  4. That does not look good, Quality Ti should not hole that easily, any other damage ?
  5. Interesting, and good to hear There is No issue with rears and I’ve been using Nankang 295 AR1’s for a while but have not gone up to 225 on the front as they are much squarer and a fair bit wider than Cup2’s So how are you finding the 225 AO50’s with clearance on lock and under braking, some folks have reported 225’s are just too wide
  6. Presumably the Gearbox on the Cup430 is the same as on the 410 and 420, and possibly the 390 ?
  7. I had mine done at 2 1/2 years and they were unworn, although i had tracked it. For regular track use i would follow schedule, but for road , 5 years would be fine
  8. Yes they do along with a few high end Supercar Dealers who behind the Facade are like Billy Bloggs Fish Shop or worse My motto is always look at the Owner and you then know more about their business practices which are often shoddy
  9. I have and the company is about as bad as you can get in the Car World, no surprise when you know who owns them !
  10. CC will not reveal anything. It’s a place where the traders get good deals but private buyers and sellers get their pants pulled down. CC has to be the worst place in the UK to buy and sell, but you don’t know that until too late
  11. Not sure if 410 brakes are the same as 430’s but I paid in region of £2,700 all in fitted at Lotus Silverstone and OEM. In hindsight I probably should have considered an alternative where you can reuse the Bells, altough still a possibility with OEM
  12. Mine definitely have an opening and allowing air flow through, but to look at they do appear closed up by the plastic debris covers You can push your fingers through the gaps
  13. For clarification if your bid on CC is the highest and above the reserve then you win. CC immediately take their buyers fee, you then arrange car collection However if you reject the car because of a fault or misrepresentation etc and do not then complete the purchase you will 100% not receive a refund on your buyers fee from CC. That’s their terms and imo very poor and far riskier than a private purchase
  14. I don’t think cars advertised on CC are any reflection on prices. The site has and probably still does use dubious advertising tactics. It’s actually not a safe place to purchase from as no Consumer protection. subsequently should you decide not to proceed with the purchase even if car has been misrepresented you lose your buyers fee
  15. I’d be more concerned with 225 on the fronts as there is little clearance on that width on full lock. Not so sure on the rears though
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