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  1. You have got one helluva lady there.. I still stand buy my comments though, 99% of them are an accident waiting to happen(women that is)
  2. Its not the phones that cause the accidents, its the the women who cannot resist picking them up for the pettiest reasons whilst driving, 99% of the time for some insignificant text or call from another woman.
  3. cheers matey , just have to decide on colour now, Im thinking silver/greyish..
  4. Anybody know where to buy it? Someting a bit better than the stuff that comes as standard. Cheers
  5. Im waiting to pick up my car from http://www.aas-exhausts.co.uk/, quad exit, de-cat sports exhaust, very highly respected in the North East, Powerflow have an awfull reputation up here for some reason.. 500 quid fitted, will get some pics on maybe Thursday
  6. Thanks guys some good options there, Dave them seats look fantastic I will email you later for some info if thats OK, Mark the colour is like a toffee sort of colour, very retro and does go with the peroid of the car but just not my cup of tea, its in very good condition, carpets could do with a steam clean though.
  7. Has anyone done a full cockpit colour change? I can change carpets/headlining and seats no problem, but Im struggling with the dash, door cards and centre console, going from beige to black. cheers
  8. They have always been top drawer with me, highly recommended
  9. Chaps Can anyone tell me what the oil pressure should be in a charge cooled Esprit Cheers
  10. I think its fairly safe to run your motor with a paggered CC, my last Esprits CC was knackered most of the time I had it, without me even knowing it, the last two Esprits Ive looked at, with a potential to purchase, were both shot.. and the owners never even knew it...Or they were just acting dumb? All I found was your performance will be down due to the ECU running in confused mode.
  11. Thanks thats very informative.. , I dont think I could ever really relax in one TBH, its bad enough in a 4 pot watching every dial and twiching every time you hear a sound youve not heard before, and thinking WTF was that?? getting out and giving your motor a once over to see whats dropped off or disintergrated , its all part of the Esprit thing I know you just live with it,a V8 is maybe not for me.
  12. Does anybody know the service intervals on a 98 GT3? Is a gap between 24,000 miles and 31,000 miles which is what is on the car now, about right? or should there be something in the middle, or due? Cheers
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