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  1. Hi all - Still looking - Hopefully there is one out there, any condition please, I know it is small but very significant to the originality of the superb style of the Elite.
  2. Hi al, I am restoring an Elite been off the road for 30 years - GEB193N - I am part searching and wish to fit the rear wiper arm and blade. Has anyone got a spare or advise where to find as SJ - Steve no longer has stock - Where are best places to get other than Lotusbits cheers Neil
  3. I went for the x4 Nankang on my Lotus Elite 1974 as recommendations above and also during restoration tyres look good and I do love new tyres, freshens up a restoration and gives me a smile every time I push it now.
  4. Please can anyone advise the best battery for Elite S1 1974
  5. Very Impressed - Now the Important question - What speed have you tested the tyres at please !
  6. I'd love to do the Nurburgring in my Lotus Elite s1, you've put an excellent idea in my head. But i'd agree tyres would not last a last. now being serious, does the tread pattern suit the look of the 70's Lotus as it looks a bit sporty as in "boy racer" cheers
  7. Thank you so much, not much choice and I just really want to use the rubber when the Elite is on the road, hoping that the chassis is okay, otherwise they will age for a few years. Neil
  8. Hi All, I have new to me barn find Elite s1 (GEB193N). Tyres are extremely old. So I need 4 tyres just to get the Elite off of the ground to move it. Please can anyone recommend 205/60R14 tyres that will live through restoration and drive well once Elite is on the road Elite s1 tyres are hard to find and as Elite has original wheels keen to fit recommended tyres cheers Neil
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