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Community Answers

  1. Yikes not good news if the engine is seized. All the other issues will be secondary to that!!
  2. Hi Tony glad to see ur back. I would carry on for now. The more its complete the greater the satisfaction and ofcourse the value. Whats to do still?
  3. A red eclat S1 appeared in an episode of The return of the Saint circa 1978, driven by Carolyn Seymour.(on tv in the last week.)
  4. Tony AKA Doris the Dog purchased an elite windscreen from lotusbits last year. He had it fitted by autowindscreens and he said it was a good job and fitted well. Angus
  5. Nice one Tony!! Where will your lotus and parts lotus live??
  6. Hi Joe Have just seen this. My Elite is a H&O Garages Ltd car with the original reg plates still. Would be interested in any information you may have. Thanks Angus
  7. Hi Guys, thanks for the input. Probably shouldve mentioned that on level ground the amount was still around 900ml. Managed to get another 50/60 ml in through the filler and refitted the plug. A bit happier now its at around 90% full.
  8. Hi According to my workshop manual the fluid amount should be at 1.14 litres,but with the back of the car jacked up with the rear wheels 6 inches off the ground its only possible to get around 900 ml of ep90 into the dif before the fluid starts running out of the filler plug hole. Any suggestions or do i just need to jack it up higher?? Thanks Angus
  9. Hi Gasket is leaking slightly between the two, is it possible to undo the bolts and run a bead of rtv sealant around the join and stop the leak or is it a gearbox and engine out job??!!(hopefully not for such a small job ) Thanks Angus
  10. That is a shame. How close are you to getting it useable? Persevere if you can though.
  11. H.Bowers (as do others on Ebay)do versions of the rear wiper blade/arm which fits to the main arm. Angus
  12. Well it seems the 'cold steel' ala Cpl Jones has done the trick. Used the cold chisel and moved it round about 1 cm so wont touch it anymore until the LR 608246 diff plugs arrive. Thanks Pete, gave it a bit more welly this time and it moved, before obviously didnt whack it hard enough as didnt want to damage the plug incase it didnt budge and only started leaking instead.
  13. Hi Pete yes maybe give it another go with the cold chisel. Its really too rounded off now for any kind of socket!! Reverse fitted a 1/2 inch socket and used an allen key on a 10mm spanner and a bar, and all I did was put a 30 deg bend in my spanner LOL!! Didnt realise they were tapered that would explain it.
  14. The diff is on the car and fully operational. Correct level/fluid and the filler plug can easily be removed as and when(thanks JW.) Guessing its been cross threaded at some point as its out about 4 threads where as the filler is only out about 2 threads. It has been tried before to get it out and ive had several goes now and its well rounded off.
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