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  1. Ive just fitted a carbon rear hatch, and need to fit the prop retainer between the engine bay, and the boot. Can someone please measure its location for me. I cant see it being too critical to the nearest mm, but the closer to factory dimensions the better. Because my car is a 380 it doesn't have the extra reservoir bracket like on the 410/430, I just have the part for retaining the boot prop
  2. Got any photos of the carbon bits with colour tint on them?
  3. 🤣 yeah it definitely works. I figured it out myself after my battery went flat and it was locked with the remote. It seemed too much of an oversight (even for lotus) to have to break into your car when the battery goes flat, so I just hooked up the power supply and it worked 😁😁
  4. I was walking over the Humber Bridge yesterday around 1pm, and heard a v6 rumble approach from behind. Turned round to see a nice Exige going past. Looked to be either an S or 350 sport as it had the twin rear lights
  5. That isn't the case. If the lithium battery saver cuts off the battery, and you have locked the car with the key fob, the front battery posts under the front access panel are still connected to the rest of the cars wiring harness. Just hook up an old fashioned charger that kicks out power no matter what (not a modern voltage sensing one) and you can then open the car with your fob again. Disconnect the charger from the front, open your boot, and you can then get to your battery 😉
  6. The wing is the standard one off my car (380 sport) The carbon hatch was from the South West lotus centre
  7. So I popped over to a local gasket manufacturer and bought an offcut of 2mm solid neoprene rubber for £5. Drew around the mounts and cut out the shape, and bolted it down. Much better fitment now. It doesn't fit like on the 430 as the upright has a curve bottom, where mine is flat, but this stops the front and back edge pushing into the hatch lid
  8. Thanks for the pics its really helped to see the difference. Mine has a gasket under it which is like 0.5mm foam. When the spoiler is bolted down on the original boot you can't see it. It is actually something I was going to try. There is a local gasket manufacturer that I was going to visit next week to get a thicker 2 or 3mm gasket made up which should make the fit a bit better. The bottom of your spoiler uprights look to have a slight curve to them too, where mine are straight, and currently touch the boot at the front and back edges
  9. I have just fitted a full carbon (380cup/410sport/430cup) rear hatch lid on my 380 sport (originally had the standard GRP painted hatch with the carbon insert panel). I have come to fit my 380sport spoiler back onto it, and the lower base mount doesn't fit the shape of the new hatch properly. The hole centres are all exactly the same, but the boot has a curve to it, where the original boot was flat where the spoiler mounts. I had previously assumed the 380sport, and 410 sport spoilers were identical other than the end plates, but looking on DeRoure parts website there is a different part number for the spoiler base mount for cars with standard boot (350sport/380sport/390sport) vs those with this same spoiler on the carbon boot (410sport/420 sport) I would just buy the new lower mounts, but the price of these are ridiculous for what they are (£262.20 each + vat) that comes to £641.86 for the pair + delivery!! 😲 Part number: A651B4003F + A651B4004F Has anyone else fitted a spoiler that doesnt sit down correctly on the hatch lid? what did you do to sort it? I suppose most people would be going to a cup style boot that is designed to fit on this carbon hatch pics of the spoiler fitted:
  10. Yes they are OEM. They are new with slight scratches that they bought in from the Lotus factory. They send them to the bodyshop to have the scratches buffed out, and then re-lacquered. They don't come with any hardware
  11. They've got some CF bootlids in stock at South West Lotus Centre £2k+vat
  12. Ive got that Optimate charger. Just plug it in when you aren't going to use the car for a couple of weeks, and let it do its thing. It checks the levels, and then once in a while automatically conditions the battery
  13. I'm going to get matt black vinyl applied in between the roof and boot panel like on the cup cars, and was going to get a decal made up for the model. Looking at photos online it appears the number (i.e 430) is bigger on the cup cars where it is applied to the matt black area on the roof than it is on the other models where the model is on the front clam. Would someone with a 430cup be able to measure how long the 430 decal is for me, so I can confirm. Ive tried photoshopping / moving the decal around on a cup car, and a sport, and the cup decal certainly looks to be slightly bigger
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